Is Supertool legal? YES. It is legal to buy, sell and use Supertools anywhere in the United States of America.

Here at Supertool, we are frequently asked if Supertool is legal to use in CA. Here’s our intel…

Magnetic Field Stripping Tools are legal to buy, sell, own and use while in CA. However, leaving a tool in the bullet button after use is considered a grey area. What does this mean?

This means that there is no law banning this product’s sale or use although it is undetermined whether or not leaving a tool in the bullet button can be viewed as in violation of penal code 12276.1. This DOES NOT mean that every county in the state of CA views this as undetermined as many counties in CA do or do not agree with this interpretation. However, using a Magnetic Field Stripping Tool to disassemble the rifle while removing it after use is not in violation nor can be misconstrued as in violation of any law in CA. What is the bottom line?

If you choose to use a Supertool as a tool to field strip your rifle and remove it after use, you are 100% legal. If you choose to remove the tool after use, Supertool stores perfectly on the back butt plate under the stock (please see our “ABOUT” page for more info). Alternatively, if you choose to use the tool to remove the magazine and leave it on the rifle (i.e. 3-Gun Competition), call your local law enforcement or range officer and asked them about their policy regarding tools of this type before making a decision.

More info regarding compliance while in California…

• Supertool is intended to be used as a field stripping tool or bullet button key to comply with title 11 California code of regulations section 5469(a) and California penal code 12276.1.

• Leaving Supertool on a firearm at ALL TIMES may or may not create a legal argument resulting in a citation and/or court appearance. Leaving the tool on the rifle at all times is considered a grey area. However, owning and using a Supertool to disassemble your rifle is legal. Bottom line…remove Supertool after use, like you would remove all magazines and ammo.

• It is advised that Supertool users become familiar with California DOJ requirements and updated interpretations of existing laws and regulations. It is advised to contact your local law enforcement to discuss the proper use of this type of product as it pertains to your local area.

• Supertool shall not be held responsible in any way for the inappropriate use of the product by the user.

These tools have been on the market since 2008.

If for any reason you are involved in a legal predicament please contact us direct as we will work with your attorney to provide expert advice regarding this matter, expert representation in court and travel to and from your area free of charge…

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