(5) POSSESSION IN PRIVATE CONVEYANCE.--Notwithstanding subsection (2), it is lawful and is not
a violation of s. 790.01 for a person 18 years of age or older to possess a concealed firearm or other weapon
for self-defense or other lawful purpose within the interior of a private conveyance, without a license, if the
firearm or other weapon is securely encased or is otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use.
Nothing herein contained prohibits the carrying of a legal firearm other than a handgun anywhere in a private
conveyance when such firearm is being carried for a lawful use. Nothing herein contained shall be construed
to authorize the carrying of a concealed firearm or other weapon on the person. This subsection shall be
liberally construed in favor of the lawful use, ownership, and possession of firearms and other weapons,
including lawful self-defense as provided in s. 776.012.