Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Supertool?

Supertool is a magnetic punch tool that is used to disassemble your AR 15, AR10, M4 or PTR 91. Supertool is useful in the field or at the range to magnetically field strip your rifle when a bullet, stick or other tool that is not permanently attached to your rifle is not available.

This product and intended use is legal in ALL 50 STATE including California per case precedence set by Haynie VS Pleasanton.

Supertool has 2 uses;

1) Magazine release tool (when used with a bullet button)

2) Take down pin release tool

Supertool is to be used as a tool while in California.

Supertool is a legal product.

For more information regarding Supertool’s legal use, please see our “legal” page.

Is Supertool Legal?

Is Supertool legal? YES. It is legal to buy, sell and use Supertools anywhere in the United States of America.

Here at Supertool, we are frequently asked if Supertool is legal to use in CA. Here’s our intel…

Magnetic Field Stripping Tools are legal to buy, sell, own and use while in CA. However, leaving a tool in the bullet button after use is considered a grey area. What does this mean?

This means that there is no law banning this product’s sale or use although it is undetermined whether or not leaving a tool in the bullet button can be viewed as in violation of penal code 12276.1. This DOES NOT mean that every county in the state of CA views this as undetermined as many counties in CA do or do not agree with this interpretation. However, using a Magnetic Field Stripping Tool to disassemble the rifle while removing it after use is not in violation nor can be misconstrued as in violation of any law in CA. What is the bottom line?

If you choose to use a Supertool as a tool to field strip your rifle and remove it after use, you are 100% legal. If you choose to remove the tool after use, Supertool stores perfectly on the back butt plate under the stock (please see our “ABOUT” page for more info). Alternatively, if you choose to use the tool to remove the magazine and leave it on the rifle (i.e. 3-Gun Competition), call your local law enforcement or range officer and asked them about their policy regarding tools of this type before making a decision.

More info regarding compliance while in California…

• Supertool is intended to be used as a field stripping tool or bullet button key to comply with title 11 California code of regulations section 5469(a) and California penal code 12276.1.

• Leaving Supertool on a firearm at ALL TIMES may or may not create a legal argument resulting in a citation and/or court appearance. Leaving the tool on the rifle at all times is considered a grey area. However, owning and using a Supertool to disassemble your rifle is legal. Bottom line…remove Supertool after use, like you would remove all magazines and ammo.

• It is advised that Supertool users become familiar with California DOJ requirements and updated interpretations of existing laws and regulations. It is advised to contact your local law enforcement to discuss the proper use of this type of product as it pertains to your local area.

• Supertool shall not be held responsible in any way for the inappropriate use of the product by the user.

These tools have been on the market since 2008.

If for any reason you are involved in a legal predicament please contact us direct as we will work with your attorney to provide expert advice regarding this matter, expert representation in court and travel to and from your area free of charge…

(888) 999-0846

I thought California just banned this product?

For more information regarding CA’s new legislation, please read the following press release…


As most all of you are aware, Governor Brown signed various gun control bills last week to include SB 808 & 1135. These 2 bills are identical and aim to reclassify or redefine “assault weapons” in California. What does this mean to all of us that currently own AR15’s?

As it stands right now, the bill is set to become law January 1st of 2017. As the bill is currently written, you will have 2 different choices to remain legal and you will have to decide before January 1st of 2018. Yes, you will have until 2018 to make a decision which means you can keep your rifle as is until 2018. What are the 2 choices?

The 2 choices illustrated in the bills are 1. Remove your bullet button and install a fixed magazine locking device. & 2. Register your rifle in its lawful configuration when purchased as an “assault weapon”. These are your choices but please understand that every country in history that first required registration eventually led to confiscation i.e. Canada, England & Australia. So registration is out of the question, what is the magazine locking device and does Supertool make one?

Yes. We have a design but have decided to not launching the product until the bill is certain to become law. As for the magazine locking device, this device means that you cannot release the magazine without “disassembly of the firearm action”. Also understand that all the products recently released that are currently for sale, DO NOT satisfy the requirement of “disassembly of the firearm action”. Yes we have seen the products that require the removal of the upper from the lower but doing this, does not disassemble the firearm action. This will be further debated in the upcoming months. Wait a minute, you just mentioned that you are delaying the launch of the Supertool product until the bill is certain to become law but Governor Brown already signed the bill?

Yes unfortunately my fellow California residents keep electing fools that don’t believe in our rights into public office. Fortunately the NRA, Michel & Associates, CRPA along with various other gun rights organizations have committed to sue the state of California before these bills become law. With a pending lawsuit to decide the constitutionality of these new laws, these bills won’t become law until this lawsuit is settled. This means that your 1 year compliance date will be pushed back past 2018 or even possibly eliminated. What are the chances of this bill being thrown out?

This is pure speculation and my personal opinion but fact is that we have had various bills in the past that were rushed through the legislation process illegally, signed by the Governor and later challenged in court. All these bills were eventually ripped up by the courts before they ever became law. These new bills were rushed through the legislation process without provided the required public hearings and process. Normally bills are sent to the Governor’s desk in late October as the required legal process requires a certain length of time. Understanding this, I believe that these bills will be held up in court for a while, while at the same time the DB in Sacramento will rewrite new bills next year. Our fight is never over while democrats run California. This is why this election year is so very important! Not just for our new President but also to elect new CA state representatives. DO RESEARCH, look up everyone on the ballet and vote for the candidates that have a strong 2nd Amendment policy and have the best chance (more popular than others) of winning. Voting for an underdog because you like his/her policies, gets us nowhere. At this point in time, voting with your conscience will eventually get your firearms confiscated. We need immediate and effective action now.

In summary as it stands right now, these new bills don’t take effect until January 1, 2017. After the court is filed, this date will be delayed which means you have to keep the bullet button until this court case is settled. If the case is never filed, you will have until January 1, 2018 to install an even worse device than the bullet button or register your rifle as is (send all your personal information, address etc.) over to the democrats in office that also want to confiscate all your firearms in the near future. If you chose to register, you will be required to register your rifle with the date of purchase and it needs to be registered and remail in its legal state at the time of purchase.

This fight is not over. This upcoming election is mission critical.

Join us now by sharing this message to better inform your friends on facebook. This coming November, help us “Stand and Fight” by electing politicians in CA that understand our rights and the US Constitution.

How Rare Earth Magnets are Made?

The unparalleled strength of neodymium magnets is only possible due to a delicate arrangement of atomic particles and their electron spin. The process to produce this product is no less delicate. The manufacturing process for rare earth magnets in general, and neodymium magnets in particular is strictly licensed. Recently some of the most restrictive patents have begun to expire which has helped spur the growth of the market and the availability of neodymium magnets.

Even though they are called “rare earth” or “neodymium” magnets, they contain a lot iron and other metals. All of the neodymium, iron, samarium, cobalt, nickel, etc comes from the ground.

Grinding and Mixing the Alloy
Once the raw material is available, it must be ground to a powder and mixed to create the various grades of materials. Different mixtures will create materials with various magnetic properties. Some are stronger, others more durable, and others can last longer in high temperatures.

The next step is to press the mixture together into a form.

Particle Alignment
We use a large electromagnet to optimize the pressed mixture for magnetization.

Sintering Once the particles are aligned, we can sinter the material to firmly lock everything in place.

Milling and Cutting
The material can be further refined by cutting and machining to smaller pieces. Tolerances are usually +/- 0.05mm. Micro machining specialists can work with much higher tolerances

Plating / Coating
After the final shape of the magnet is finished, we must coat or plate each piece to protect from corrosion and to provide durability. This is especially true for Neodymium Iron Boron magnets which are very susceptible to corrosion. Normal platings include Nickel, Nickle + Copper + Nickel, Epoxy Coating, Gold, ABS Plastic, and Zinc.

Magnetization happens after all of the machining and plating. Neodymium magnets can only be magnetized in the direction they were setup for in the alignment phase. We magnetize all material to N55 strength. In order to magnetize to N55 strength, we burst 40% of our raw material. Each magnet is inspected and sampled for quality assurance tests.

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