Supertool PTR v2



The Supertool PTR is the 1ST EVER & ONLY magnetic field stripping tool that fits a PTR 91.

The Supertool PTR is perfect for those folks that own a PTR 91. The days of struggling with a tiny bullet button hole are over.

Supertool, the one and only magnetic field stripping tool with 2 uses…

  • #1 Bullet Button Tool | NEW v2 Magnet : 8.5 lb Pull Force
  • 2 Uses : Magazine Release & Takedown Pin Tool
  • Works Perfect with a PTR 91
  • Stainless Steel
  • Press Fit Construction

Supertool’s v2 Magnets are the strongest magnets available in the firearms industry, custom made by Supertool.


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Supertool provides AR15 and AR10 owners with the ability to easily remove a magazine from a CA legal AR15 or AR10. Supertool also works to disassemble your rifle without busting knuckles or scratching takedown pins. Supertool works great with any AR.

The Supertool Original AR15 is specifically engineered for those folks that want a dedicated AR15 Supertool. In order to accommodate for this, we have shortened the overall length by 1.5mm. Shortening the length allows Supertool AR15 to sit deeper providing a low-profile. We still offer Supertool AR10 for those that prefer a universal fit for both AR15’s and AR10’s.

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Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in